You're not only an actor but a host and entertainer. Can you share your creative passions and projects?

I am an artistic free spirt. I like to dip my feet in a lot of different art forms. I am passionate about projects that further me as an artist and a human being. I love a challenge and something that keeps me on my toes. I am passionate about new work, whether that be in form of music/theatre/film or modeling. This is also why I enjoy being an MC/Event Host so much! You get to be right in the heart of the action, getting the audience excited about something. Sometimes that is a Burlesque show, a film premiere, a theater event, or a talk back. I am passionate about being the audiences tour guide to the arts. That makes me happy.

Do you relate your character?

Minus being a pot dealer.... yes lol!!!  I think everyone has met that fabulous stoner in their life.  I was honored to play the character of Leslie! She cracks me up!

How would you describe your experience filming You're So Talented: Season 2 (Sam as director, the on-set experience, etc.)?

AMAZING! I had the best time. It was awesome to be on such a professional set with such a great vibe! The cast and crew are literally the best! Sam knows what she wants, yet gives you all the freedom in the world to play. THAT is an actors dream.