What made you accept the role of Bea's sister in You're So Talented?

When Sam Bailey asks you say yes.

How is Lisa different the other roles you typically play in theatre, TV and film? 

Lisa is different because she is well rounded, 3-D, whole. We see her lovely and ugly sides. We see the sides of her that we love and the sides of her that make us roll our eyes. And that is awesome. So often I (we blactresses) are asked to play one dimensional characters that play in to/ "appease" an audience of what a black woman in America is. Which is usually, sassy, full of attitude, funny. And oh Lawd. Don't be over a size two. Now I have no possibilities of being seen as a lover, a fighter, a fierce human, and woman who owns her sexuality. With Lisa, I was able to be and embrace all the things we as humans, black humans, black female identified humans are.

Do you relate your character?

I may or may not be a little bit bougie. I like the finer things and have lofty dreams of having a fierce career, shopping only at Barney's, going to elite parties and in a loving relationship. I wish my relationship with Tinder and JP Morgan Chase would reflect my fantasies. ...this is probably why I'm an actor.

How would you describe your experience filming You're So Talented: Season 2?

Hilarious, I officially know all the early works that Victory Gardens Theatre produced thanks to hanging out on set there. Shout out to Malcolm Jamal Warner for his role as Spoon. Sad I missed that show. Professional; after years of training, blood, sweat, and tears working to make the dream real what more can you ask for? Sam is gentle, yet focused and honest. She makes one want to work hard for the good of the product. And bitter-sweet because I knew the day would come when we'd say "and that's a wrap."


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