I think a lot about the many ways BLACK people can learn to fly/transcend. This is a musical, movement, spiritual + intellectual exercise for me. Sometimes when I’m practicing I record myself and share the videos online. I have developed an artistic practice to return daily to this exercise. I love my radical, black, queer, gender non-conforming existence. The world doesn't. I organize. I protest. I teach. I love. I listen. I create.

lil BLK and the process of rehearsing and developing the piece has been an act of resistance. I have and continue to face opposition from folks who don't want to see BLACK people flying/transcending subjected positions.

I also continue to meet people around the world who are happy to watch me feel, who are so excited to share their attempts to get light ­to fly/transcend. In lil BLK I close the show with a chant I wrote. I know the rainbows been tough.

I know the glitters been rough. Hey lil BLK girl. Get Free. Get Free. Fly away. Swim Away. Get Free Black People.

The Bronx Cunt Tour is a series of moments before, during and after flight.