What's in store for Bea in season two of You're So Talented

Bea gets a little recognition in this second season and we get to see how she deals with it. The idea of being afraid of success is a real thing, especially when you're not sure if you really want to be doing what you're doing. Bea has all the same insecurities she had last season, she's just trying to filter them in a less destructive way. Whether or not she's successful at that is kind of the conflict this season. We also get to see a lot more of Bea's family (both biological and chosen) which is a really good insight to why she is the way she is. And, of course, more dope Chicago artists doing dope shit. 

How was making season two different from season one? 

I think we really came together as a team this season. I was much more familiar with being on set, running a set and knowing what the voice was for both the show and Bea. Mateo Gonzales, Vincent Martell, Sam Lee and Alistair Slaughter all returned from the first season and it was really cool to have familiar faces come together with new ones for the entire production process. Having The Goodnight Ladies and Derek O'Rourke join the team has been great. Our aesthetic and vision is much stronger than before. I think that's the goal for any continuing project: you learn from previous mistakes or really good choices and try to build upon them. 

Tell us about your upcoming projects and how you're establishing your voice as a storyteller.

I had an instructor once tell me that there's no such thing as 'finding' your voice. It's always been there, you just have to reveal it. Just by writing as much as I've had in the last year I've been able to shed some of the stuff that was hiding or weighing down my voice. Sam Lee and I came together to start a new production company (Our Names Are Sam) and went to Ghana this past fall to shoot a short film. We're currently writing a feature that we will shoot in early fall of 2016. By creating a body of work (that's diverse in content but cohesive in terms of point of view), I know that my voice is getting stronger and more true to me.


What are your plans for the rest of You're So Talented?

Right now the goal is to get the current season out and then we'll see where we go from there. It is a new year and I know we have a lot of options. I'd be lying if I said didn't think the show had legs. I think it could easily transfer to a 30 minute format. But, for now, I'm just focusing on getting out a final product that makes me happy.