We’re just 6 days away from premiering!! In the meantime, let’s check out some of the behind the scenes people who’ve made YST possible. First up, we’ve got Vincent Martell-our Wardrobe Stylist!! 

Role (Job): Head of Wardrobe

What makes you So Talented?

I’m the Creative Director of an experimental creative studio (VAM Studio), I’m currently a display artist with one of the coolest retailers in the city, and I’m spearheading an underground Mag with a  team of 10 amazing writers, directors, and artists.

Three words to describe your time on You’re So Talented: 

Crazy, Sexy, Cool. In that order.

What drew you to this project:

We wanted to expand our creative horizons and expand VAM’s presence on a film. We read the script and got hooked.

Follow Vince and all things VAM @vamagram 


**Originally published over at You're So Talented