Kissing Walls is a romantic comedy that follows two friends as they struggle to build their careers while simultaneously navigating the ever-evolving and often complicated “new rules” of 21st century dating as queer men of color.



"Kissing Walls is full of heart and love. With sharp dialogue and sumptuous cinematography, it is one of the most confident, full realized queer comedies I’ve seen. The team released its first season as three short episodes, which amount to the length of your standard TV comedy pilot. It’s my pleasure to re-release the series as a pilot here, so viewers can feel the show’s confident acting and direction and get comfortable in the world created by Zak Payne."

- Aymar Jean Christian, Open TV (beta) founder

 “There are many people in this country who have zero regard for the LGBT community, people of color, and every intersection in between. They don’t want to watch a show like Kissing Walls, and they don’t want you to watch it either. But every obstacle Kissing Walls has faced has only affirmed its necessity as a series. Art remains one of our most powerful tools against oppression. We must continue to demand these stories and continue to demand adequate representation both in front of and behind the camera. I’m entering the new year with this knowledge: making television is hard. Making television about queer people of color is harder. But I think a series like Kissing Walls is worth fighting for!”

- Zak Payne, writer and director, Kissing Walls