Filipino Fusions is a cooking show by Kiam Marcelo Juino, star of Open TV Presents: Nupita Obama Creates Vogua! In this show Kiam hosts as Jerry Blossom and shows us how to make Filipino food with a vegan twist.



Kiam says: “My gratitude goes out to everyone who has supported this project through its evolution from a fun web series staring my drag persona Jerry Blossom, into an expansive artist book.  We began filming the episodes in 2014, and have screened the series at art galleries, museums, schools, and events across the US, as well organized live cooking demos around Chicago.  The show has since morphed into a publication that is all at once a practical cookbook, a collection of poetry and art, with interviews, essays, and guest content, filled with deeply personal revelations about the power of food to transcend and connect personal and social histories across boundaries.

Working with INSIDE THE ARTISTS KITCHEN has been a wild ride, and I must thank them for pushing through with me, even at times FOR me. They believed even when my faith in the project faltered.  I reflect on where these doubts come from, and I believe it is in large part a deeply ingrained contradiction of pride and shame in the rich but often painful history of the Philippines, and how forces of colonialism and imperialism continue to shape our lives from the grandest to most intimate scales. Through this project, however, I've also begun to see that the divisions that these insidious systems create also instills a deeper sense to connect and share.  I realize that is what has always driven this project for me. This is what drives art making for me.

The book itself, I must say, is a wonder to behold.  She is looking FIERCE !  Classy and utilitarian at the same time. The build is solid, the pages turn easily, the photos look sharp and sexy, the content arranged organically, and wait till you read the poetry printed on vellum.  Yes boo, fancy paper!  Major thanks goes out to the ITAK design team for their amazing work!

I hope you consider purchasing FILIPINO FUSIONS: A CULINARY CRITIQUE for yourself or a loved one. Please help the project by sharing with others you may think would be interested! A primarily vegan Filipino cookbook is hard enough to find, let alone one packed with as much love and care and intention as this one.  

Thank you so much for your time and attention.  Mabuhay!
with love and gratitude.”