A hopeful, young yoga instructor who dreams of being a bright star in a beautiful culture finds out that her rise to the top, and the world shes fighting to be a part of... aren't exactly what she thought they'd be.


Karla, is a young smart yoga instructor with dreams of becoming a celebrity in the culture. Her starry eyes and optimism are met with conflict, confusion, and trouble in her rise to the top. She and her best friend Pasqual devise a plan for becoming the hottest thing on the yoga scene when they learn that traditional studios just wont support rising stars who don't "stay in their place. Sheila and Hillary are old school teachers who make it a point to see that the girls stay in their place.

// CREW //
Creator/producer/writer Karla Huffman
Director/writer/camera ADaD // Camera
Operator // Micheal Mabborang

// CAST // 

 Karla //  Karla Huffman Sheila // Elyse Weasley Pasqual // Hamidah Ihsan Ontario // Oliver Williams Hillary // Tribble
Anne (in the hall) // Anne Haag
Uber creep // Alex Kapp