Attempting to hold it all together, a group of Chicago-based friends face their flaws and learn to love themselves as a string of messy decisions unravel during Sunday Supper.  



Attempting to hold their family together, the YGQ learns how to love and accept themselves as they navigate secret hook-ups, mental-crises and a series of scandalous shenanigans. But as the tight-knit clique attempts to heal from previous traumas they must collectively face the consequences that come from messy decisions — all while striving to be GOOD ENOUGH.

Season One centers around Thyme, a black, genderqueer, social media influencer and their clique, the YGQ. As the group of friends gather for Sunday Supper, the audience watches secret hook-ups, mental- crises and a series of other scandalous shenanigans unravel which forces everyone to face the consequences that come from messy decisions. “Throughout the series, the YGQ is constantly being tested on how to create a life that is more than GOOD ENOUGH which is often hard when you have so many barriers standing in your way” says Elijah McKinnon. “The series serves as a testament to queer people of color along the spectrum that want to feel comfortable in their own skin and rely on chosen family to access moments of healing and joy.”     

The 8-episode series created by HIV-advocate Elijah McKinnon (PrEP4Love, Two Queens in a Kitchen) and executive produced by Dr. Aymar Jean Christian (Founder and Head of Development of OTV) was exclusively developed for P3, an app that incorporates games and social activities to motivate and remind youth, who made up 21% of all new HIV diagnoses in 2016, to protect themselves by taking PrEP and other HIV-treatments and medications. The app has already entered field testing, which will be followed by a larger nationwide randomized controlled trial in 2019 in cities such as Boston, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta and Tampa.

A series by Elijah McKinnon

In collaboration with
OTV - Open Television (Northwestern University)
Team P3 (UNC - Chapel Hill / Duke University)

// CREW //
Writers - Elijah McKinnon, Dewayne Perkins, Aasia Lashay Bullock, Erik Lamar Wallace
Executive Producer - Aymar Jean Christian
Producer - Karla Huffman, Elijah McKinnon

// CAST //
Thyme - Elijah McKinnon
Mateo - Justin Ignatius Mitchell
Curtis - Erik Lamar Wallace
Gia - Saya Naomi 
Raheema - Aasia Lashay Bullock
Trystan - Compton Quashie
Vaughn - David Davis