For Better is the romcom/romantic dramedy reinvented. An anthology series; each episode focuses on a different couple in their slice of life. The goal is to be inclusive and show true to life moments that resonate with people who have shared their lives with someone else and are more honest and representative of the world we live in.



// CREW //
Episode 1:
Writer - Damon Royster
Director - Danny Farber
AD and Producer - Ashley Lackinger
Script Supervisor - Samantha Rodriguez
PA - Annie Conderacci
DP - Atara Wolf
1st AC - Ethan Soo
Key Grip/Gaffer and Colorist - Nathan Wilke
Production Design - Johnny Santiago
Art Director - Eric Drake
Location Sound - Shuling Yong
Boom Operator - Rory McFadden
BTS Photographer - Abbi Chase
Composer - David Obaniyi
Editor - Zoe Kraft

Episode 2:
Writer and Producer - Ashley Lackinger
Producer - Samantha Rodriguez
Director - Justin Casselle
AD - Judy Febles
DP - Lucinda Harstrick
Script Supervisor - Coco Wallace
Location Sound Mixer - Nando Espinosa Herrera
Key Grip/Gaffer - Adia Clark
Colorist - Nathan Wilke
Editor - Zoe Kraft

Episode 3:
Writer, Producer, Director - Ashley Lackinger
Producer - Paige Johnson
AD - Judy Febles
DP - Simeon Frierson
Script Supervisor - Samantha Rodriguez
Location Sound - Nando Espinosa Herrera
Key Grip/Gaffer - Adia Clark
PA - Christina Wallace
Composer - Vince Varco
Editor - Michael Lorusso

Writers - Ashley Lackinger, Damon Royster, Ines Bellina, Catharine Savage, Annie Conderacci, Jill Devaney.

Episode 1:
Darren - Zak Kinnaird
Jack - Aaron Taylor
Jay - Kyle Deininger

Episode 2:
Aaron - Stefan Brundage
Jimmy - Huy Nguyen
Dean - Paul Czajkowski
Marcus - Herbert Harper Jr.
Uber Driver - Richard Kallus

Episode 3:
Brooke - Sheng Lor
Matt - Michael Vizzi