What happens when you try to f*ck with a f*ckboi? Follow three women as they find out their target is much more than originally thought.


Three friends road trip to Peoria to pull off a heist only to find that their target is a lot more complicated than they first thought. Written and Directed by Marrissa Coccaro, F*CK STAN is a three-part story that explores consent, responsibility, and consequences in a light-hearted foul mouthed way.


F*ck Stan is based off a real man who preyed on women in my previous theater company though it took over a year to figure out his MO: he would come into town, convince a girl to let him crash at their house because he didn’t have a place to stay. Once home, they would get drink until he made his move. His move always consisted of going down on women and then assuming/pressuring them into intercourse.

We finally figured all this out one night during a girls night when we started swapping stories about the boys in the company and we were all pissed! Some of us had stood up to him and they were annoyed he hadn’t stopped. Some of us felt shame for not standing up for themselves in the first place.

Then we remembered he had used our theater troupe to film a movie and after we wrapped filming, we never heard about the footage again. Someone suggested we go steal it, someone suggested we not go to prison for such an asshole so we did what we knew we could, we started writing.

F*ck Stan has been in development since 2016 and I could not be prouder of the final product, what started out as a couple of girls getting frustrated at how easily people can manipulate one another has turned into a story that can help teach us that we can and should be more vigilant about standing up for ourselves.

// Crew //
Writer/Director/Editor - Marrissa Coccaro
Director of Cinematography - JP O’Rourke
Production Designer - Lisa Van Ausdall

// Cast //
Jacks - Sarah Patin
Vicky - Katharin Mraz
Margo - Marrissa Coccaro
Stan - Alex Diamond
The Wife - Cristiana Park