A docu-series following choreographer Darling Shear and her group of dancers as they explore their personal understandings of identity, expression, movement, and collaboration.



"Darling Shear", is a 7 episode docu-series by Diana Quiñones Rivera, that follows Darling Shear as she choreographs a piece for 6 dancers rooted in the tradition of Hollywood musicals. Through rehearsals, everyday life, and performances, Darling Shear presents a hilarious perspective to the world of dance making. Together they build characters like the “Muse”, the “New Girl”, the “Stage Manager”. While the binding element for this unique group of individuals is their collaboration in dance, the dancers' personas add up to more than the sum of their parts. The performers engage in conversations about cultural roots, gender, racism, queerness, belonging and the expansive collection of nuance that defines how an artist becomes themselves. Darling Shear is a look into culture, art, identity, and integrity at exactly the right moment in Chicago.


// CAST + CREW // 
Darling Shear
Aaliyah Christina
Alix Schillaci
Andy Slavin
Rashida Khanbey
Tila Von Twirl
Diana Quiñones Rivera - Director / Editor