A platform for intersectional TV. Formerly "Open TV (beta)"

Stephaine Jeter

Head of Production


Elijah McKinnon

Head of Marketing and Design


Aymar Jean Christian

Founder / Head of Development


Chris Walker

Social Media Manager


OTV | Open Television is a non-profit platform for intersectional television. We incubate artists that commercial television networks and art institutions do not develop consistently: artists who identify with multiple communities marginalized by the market and society.

OTV experiments with alternative ways to develop, produce, and exhibit art and television. Our programs center artistic expression, intersectionality, Chicago, and digital networking.

OTV’s mission is R&D (research and development):

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: We prioritize helping artists develop their projects from production to release. Our primary function is support. We offer financing, consultation, and referrals in order to get projects through to completion. We also help artists establish a plan and trajectory for their careers and works. We only develop artists in Chicago.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: We provide a space for different communities to come together to experience culture, have critical conversations about identity, and meet other people across social networks. Chicago is our primary community, followed by national and global communities united by intersectionality.

RESEARCH: All activities provide for data to help us understand how to develop intersectional art and TV. The principal investigator, graduate and undergraduate students notate, transcribe, code, and tabulate development meetings and partnerships, financing negotiations, production contexts, distribution agreements, local exhibition data (experience, Q&A, surveys, etc.), along with qualitative and quantitative data from online exhibition. This data is published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and books. More general findings are published in annual development reports for the public and industry.