Geeta's Guide To Moving On

Geeta Gidwani is an all-American girl hopelessly in love with her Indian-American Prince Charming until one day, he dumps her--after 10 years of dating. She's totally heartbroken, moves in with her Indian parents, and learns to move on with the help of her family and her best friend.


"Loss is inevitable. People die, relationships die. And grief is the gift that keeps on giving.” That’s what 30-year-old Geeta Gidwani learns at her first Divorce Support group meeting. This might make sense to her—except she isn’t divorced. Her Indian parents drag her to the group therapy session because they don’t know where else to get help for their heartbroken American daughter, who’s struggling through a devastating broken engagement. When her fiancé, Dani, dumps her after 10 years of dating, Geeta loses her one true love. Refusing to believe it’s over, she moves in with her Indian family, in the hopes that she and Dani will eventually get back together. The way this all-American girl comes to accept this loss and learns to move on is a new take on the modern American self-love story





// Crew // 

Puja Mohindra // Creator and Writer

Puja Mohindra// Executive Producer

Puja Mohindra and Rich Clarey // Screenplay Writers

Rich Clarey // Associate Producer

Phil White and Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke //  Directors

Phil White // Editor

Kathryn Skrundz // Associate Editor

Marissa Glesne and Kaitlyn Griggs // Casting Directors

Ashwaty Chennat // Casting Assistant

Tony Scott-Green // Music Supervisor

Eric Backus //  Theme Song Creator

Shanker Tucker, Parth Shah,  The Fusion Project //  Additional Music

Puja Mohindra // Production Design

Phil White and Kathryn Skrundz // Color Correction

Phil White // Sound Mixer

Kaitlyn Griggs // Production Coordinator

Nancy Vela and Layanna Kai Wilkerson // Head Make Up Artist

Joanna Magallanes //  Make Up Assistant

Deven Hoover // Title Card Illustrator

Puja Mohindra // Choreographer

Ashwaty Chennat and Gopi Engineer // Dance Consultants

Sarah Tesfai ,Danny Zuniga, Alex Hand, and  Patrick Bourne // Additional Crew

// Cast//

Puja Mohindra // Geeta

Ray Raju // Jagdish

Neetu Lalmalani // Neelam

Darshan Bhatt // Rohan 

Adithi Chandrashekhar // Sabrina

Doogin Brown // Ted

Danielle Pinnock. // Akua

Sandy Gulliver // Nancy

Leah Emmerich // Kristine

Joette Waters // Iylana

Matt Penn // Rob

Gary Smiley // Bob

Andy Nagraj // Dani

Padmini Divekar // Shalini Aunty

Mangala Gadkari // Tina Aunty

Asha Hira // Prema Aunty